Dancing in the Rain

rain4 copy

Dance with me? 

Can you hear the music play?
The rain makes as it drop
On the roofs, on the streets on your face.

Close your eyes
feel the beat
sense the rhythm
and dance along.

there goes the music
Slide and glide, twirl and turn
No need to be afraid.

Just dance and dance
until the rain stops
glide and twirl
till there’s not a drop.”

I love the rain, I love when it pours down. I love the sound that it makes, the rhythm and the music, like a natural orchestra. I love the smell it makes as  it hits the ground. How it changes the
scenery outside the window, it can turn out to be mysterious or it can have that eerie feeling like in a thriller movies.

Not all people appreciate or love the rain because all can they think is about being wet.That is because they worry too much,
about how the rain will affect their plan and the things they needed to do. There is nothing wrong with it
but people often think about problems rather than just enjoying the moments.

So, here’s the thing  It’s OK to relax and stop thinking about the problems for a while.It’s OK not to care too much about things, take a break and look at the world around you.

That’s how I think about when it rains, time to stop, relax and go out dance in the rain. Learn how to see the brighter side of things even if things doesn’t  look to brighter. It’s just choosing to be happy and looking at the brighter side of life
even there’s a storm clouds looming over.

When it rain can make people stops and think for a minute on what they should do about it. They will have the choice
to stay in and wait for the rain to stop or to stay outside and be like a child having fun despite it all.

“Life is learning how to dance in the rain.”

Author: yenzzakura

I am a constant day dreamer with endless possibilities. I am a book reader living my days in the pages of the books. I am an artist seeing the beauty of the world in a different perspectives. I am a writer putting my thoughts in ink and paper. I am a storyteller imagination is my greatest asset.

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