Little Battles

Everybody has a story to tell and each individual’s stories are different from the other. That makes life interesting because everybody can share their different experiences apart from what already had been said. Each person stories can motivate or given inspiration to others because every story has struggles that overcome and battles that wins.

So here is one of those stories, that somethings can be overcome. Each of us has our little battles to win.

It was in one of our English classes during my  first year at our local college. We were discussing something about our life experiences and  obviously we need to talk in front and share our story. On that class, one of my close friend and classmates share her story and it’s a very touching one too. She stood in front of the class a little bit shy and a little bit wanting to tell her story.

So, here’s her story.

The hospital is one of the most avoided places of everyone, negative words came to our minds whenever we think about that place Hospital. It means sickness, pain and death well that’s pretty deep but on the other side there’s also wellness and recovery. On my part, it’s both sad and hopeful. I was nine back then it all started with a typhoid fever.I was checked in at the hospital at the children’s ward and my condition is not  getting any good.

I am the eldest among my two siblings who is both boys but back then I am the only child. We  lived in the city back then and things were going fine to a nine-year-old girl’s mind. We were living comfortably, even if our budget is tight that is until I got sick.

It started with a fever like any normal fever but still I am not feeling well. Then things started to go worse, rather than the normal headaches and pain I’ve got additional diarrhea, my thermometer picks up to 104 degrees take note Fahrenheit and I are being lethargic.Then it started to  get worse that was when my parents decided to check me in the hospital.

Name: Ma. Fe Sajonia
Diagnosis: Typhoid Fever with intestinal perforation

Treatment: By antibiotics to remove the bacteria from the blood stream.

To most cases that treatment works and after a few weeks  they are on the way of recovery but sadly for me it didn’t. After a few week of antibiotics, my body’s reaction was different, it got complicated. The most common for kids was an intestinal perforation or in simple terms, I had a hole in my intestines. It also affects my body organ like my heart and liver.

From there everything became a blur like I am not in my own body anymore. I hear doctor’s voices and nurses injecting me with medicine taking my stats, but all I want to do is to  sleep for me to forget the pain.

I woke up and I was in the hospital again, I’ve got fluids attach  to me. To a nine-year-old child it all felt scary and like any normal person, no one likes to be in the hospital. That is where things started to go bad for us especially to my parents. I knew that I will be staying in the hospital much longer but still I often ask the question “When will I go home?”.
I am in a children’s ward so that helps seeing kids with my age who is also sick like me, it helps to ease the fear. Like I am not the only who is stuck in the hospital although some of them were going home ahead of me, still I keep it in the positive note that I would go home too. Even if I can still feel the pain, even if I am attached to a machine, even if doctors and nurses checking in on me more frequently.

As I am battling for my complications my parents have another the battle to conquer fundraising for me and my medical bills. Aside from taking care of me in the hospital, they were also looking for ways to support my medical needs. We were having a tight budget back before I wasn’t in the hospital, now it gotten much worse but my parents try to hide it. They just want me to be healthy again away from the confinement of the hospital. They asked various organization and the government to ask for money to help my medical bills.

Determination and love were what my parents have that they able to do those things for me. Asking for me is not easy because often time my mother found herself crying in the hospital. I feel sad and a little bit guilty.

As I continue to fight even if my condition is not that promising, I still did for my parents whose is working hard for their only little girl. It was hard yet I must get well. It was one of those moments, unexpectedly I was slipping down I may not notice it, but the doctors did. Yet, when I open my eyes I felt like I was only sleeping and my attending nurses are so happy to see me awake. She told me that while I was sleeping one of the patients also a little girl passed away even though her condition is much better than mine.
After surviving those moments things started to go well, it was like a test of  survival and I think I passed it.

After weeks of staying in the hospital after my hard moment, I can finally go home. First the doctor checked in on us concerning my health status. Despite winning my battle, there was still drawbacks mainly to my heart. It shrinks to it’s normal size which is not so good news, that leads to the list of things I needed to avoid. Also due to the medicine and my complication physical changes can be seen. my hair It used to be straight but now for some weird reason it turned out to be curly or kinky. I shouldn’t be the one to complain other got worse.

My parents fundraising went well and the government paid my medical bill which was a very good news. It’s time for us to start again and I win my battle. I am just happy that I got an amazing parent who did anything for me.

After telling her story she was crying, well it can be understood the pain she went through is something hard but, what’s more, is being to live.

It wasn’t one of those stories we hear, there wasn’t much drama in it like we see in shows. Sometimes that’s just how  life worked out, winning the battle that life have given us.

Author: yenzzakura

I am a constant day dreamer with endless possibilities. I am a book reader living my days in the pages of the books. I am an artist seeing the beauty of the world in a different perspectives. I am a writer putting my thoughts in ink and paper. I am a storyteller imagination is my greatest asset.

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