Love Battle

Once upon a time,  a girl was so broken, she gave up believing in love and destiny. Then in another once upon a time that
the girl will found her destiny and believe in love all over again.

This is my story, my name is Ma. Fe but my friends calls me Phem. I am a local teacher in one of our small town public schools.How did I fall in love well it was like magic, so unexpected.

You see, I am this kind of girl who is tough and a fighter, well based from experience ever since I was 9. With two rough brother as my
siblings I needed to get tough around them well except for my little brother. I get along with boys but only as friend no

I get along with boys but only as a friend no more than that, yet there was a time that I made an exception.Making that exception was how it all started.

I was living at the city that time, working at an internet cafe it fits because I used to study Information Technology that was until I get upset with my professor’s unfair grading. I got disappointed and
stop taking up that course, so now I am working at an internet cafe for a while until I decided to study education back at our local college in my hometown.

At that certain internet cafe, I met him that guy. His name is Dan-Dan for short, he had that bad boy with a smooth move kinda guy.He is taking  up criminology want to be one of the police he knows
karate, martial arts the kind of stuff I am interested in. Also, one of my dream jobs is to be a detective. We became friends and soon we became close friends,  that’s where the trouble starts.

Whenever he is not busy, he always comes by at the cafe and play online games. Most of the days he will stay for hours just playing. When the cafe was not busy we talk and sometimes he offers me to take me home but I always refuse. No matter how many times he ask and beg I always say NO. Maybe because I don’t want to expect too much to from him, especially with the likes of him. And yes, I like to admit now that I like him more than a friend, maybe a crush or  something. But we only stayed as friends even now, “maybe”.

When I moved back to our hometown and study college again with a different course. Still, I can’t forget about him and most of the
times I am stalking his facebook account to get an update about him. since I’ve lost communication with him ever since I move back here. Yeah, I still like him but I am trying so hard to control this feeling.I don’t want to admit it, but I did had some expectation about him. So I ended up being bitter about  it, in which case affects my view about love.

In the next few years, I met some guys. Get into non-too-serious relationships, I am just  being choosy especially if my parents are one too. They got this big idea to marry me off to some rich guy being recommended by one of my aunt’s. I get to know the guys but only as FRIEND.

Cause when it comes to love, I really fall in love once and hard. It was proven when he comes along.

During my last year in college, something magical happens that’s where I met him. It all started with a text, more text until we consider ourselves as friends. Even though we are far from each other, he is at the southern part of the country while I am stuck in the middle of two cities in a slowly growing town. Yet even with all the distance I feel so comfortable with him, and eventually, we became so close that we call each other sweet nicknames, he is my Dy short for Daddy and I am his My short for Mommy.

That’s where it started, later on, we formally in a relationship without my parents  knowledge. I guess I am not yet ready to tell
them especially now that I am on my last year of college soon to graduate after my internship in one of the public schools in my hometown.

Although Jun want to meet up with my parents with something to be proud of about himself. that they will be proud to have him for their daughter.

You see, he didn’t finish his schooling when his mother died when he was 10 he stop going to school and work instead.Since then he never got the chance to finish his schooling. That rob him of self-confidence. That’s one thing to improve and also he needs to stop smoking. From day one that we meet personally and saw him
smoking I instantly stop him.

For two years after I graduated, got my  professional license as a teacher, and finally got my first assignment in one of our local
schools. In that period of two years, we get stronger and we keep loyal to each other. That’s what love is; it’s not about the numbers it’s about each heartbeat for the person we love.

Then came the day when my family finally meet him in personal. He tried his best to impress my family  but when he arrives at our farm things get a little bit out of hand.In short my parents didn’t like him and harshly ask him to go. It didn’t end there, I wish it was but then they asked me to break with him and threaten to disown me if I didn’t. It’s my worst heartbreak ever. Choosing between my family and my destiny.

So I did what they want I break up with him but I keep a SECRET from them. Yes, it’s hard hiding all these  things from my family. Most of the time we just want to  go somewhere away from all of these. Then again we can’t we have other responsibilities. We keep holding on till it’s the right time for us to be together again.
We keep holding on to each other’s promises, even if  things doesn’t work out the way we want it too, still  what’s most important is that how far we will go holding each other’s heart.

Maybe that’s what love is to continue to fight for it even if your world is against it. For now, we keep on fighting until we win this battle.

Author: yenzzakura

I am a constant day dreamer with endless possibilities. I am a book reader living my days in the pages of the books. I am an artist seeing the beauty of the world in a different perspectives. I am a writer putting my thoughts in ink and paper. I am a storyteller imagination is my greatest asset.

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