New Year’s List

Here it comes again one of the most awaited event, NEW YEAR!
Goodbye to the old and hello to the new. it brings positive joys, the plans for the year or maybe that never-ending New Year’s resolution. Even the media is at frenzy when it comes to New Year, they are all planning something to welcome it. Of course, one of the most looking forward topics is the Big Hit News for this year 2015.
Yeah, they will always have that list of news that catch wide attention whether positive or negative.

It made me think of having my own Big Hits for 2015, the highlights of that happen in my life. It is not for me to boast but to show that before  welcoming the New Year we should always
look back to what happen this year and always be thankful for the blessings that came our way.

Here’re my Top 10 Big Hits!

1. Overnight with my Friends – We had food trip, movie marathon, and with the ladies DIY home spa, karaoke and late night talks. It’s our bonding moment

2. Movie Marathon – By myself watched those movie series that I always love – Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribean and Harry Potter also the TV series Game of thrones

3. Cooking Experiment – Yeah I am not really much into cooking but ever since I watched the movie “Chef” and “One hundred foot journey” I started to busy around the kitchen for months.

4. Zumba! – I am not very much into health and fitness, but I enjoy doing Zumba, even if it’s only once.

5. Reunion with my old friends – Yeah you will always have that old friends who can’t wait to be with you.No matter how long you have not seen each other you still consider them your friends.

6. Summer Camp – Youth summer camp one of the highlights of my year. I meet some new friends and hang out with the old ones.

7. Storm before the travell day – It was a memorable event for me, I think I can relate it about my own life.

8. Ships and Seas – It’s been a long time since the last time I travel by ship and I love the experience. Add up to my bucket list vacation on a cruise

9. Dogs and Cats – I am an animal lover, got reunited with my dogs and cats after long years of separation. Yes, I finally got a chance to go back home and with my furry friends.

10. Teaching – It is a vocation, not a profession. That’s what I mostly doing right now teaching some ladies here  in our place. It was fulfilling, knowing I am giving them something worth listening for.
Well, that’s my big hits that happened in my life this 2015. Even though there also not so good times, all I can say is “This had been a good year for me!”

What’s your big hit list for this year 2015?

Author: yenzzakura

I am a constant day dreamer with endless possibilities. I am a book reader living my days in the pages of the books. I am an artist seeing the beauty of the world in a different perspectives. I am a writer putting my thoughts in ink and paper. I am a storyteller imagination is my greatest asset.

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