A Dreamer


I always wanted to write a story, I don’t know why I just do. Maybe because my mind is full of imagination, full of stories that I just want to share. Writing my thoughts and my imaginings is my outlet of expression, I may not be the best at conversation but I can always put my ideas and words into writing.

Now, here I am writing a blog with my short stories and other writings that have different themes. I am going to write my fantasies, my day dreams and my own world of imagination. Although this may be my first time to publish my written works I am taking the chance to do it.

Some of them may be from my real life that is based on my experiences or maybe it just completely came out of nowhere that comes into my mind. It may come in different forms, comedy, horror, thriller, romance, action or drama. You and I will never know how these stories will come out.

One of my ambitions since back then is to write a novel, that is why I love to read any genre of books. It may be a bit ambitious but I wanted to be another version of Nicholas Sparks writing romance novels and maybe even got the chance to turn it into a movie. Also, I wanted to write fantasy novels or children novels, take back where anything is possible and have that little child back again that was lost in the daily grind of reality.

Imaginations are limitless and you can dream as high as the sky.

Like what Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Author: yenzzakura

I am a constant day dreamer with endless possibilities. I am a book reader living my days in the pages of the books. I am an artist seeing the beauty of the world in a different perspectives. I am a writer putting my thoughts in ink and paper. I am a storyteller imagination is my greatest asset.

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