Starting Over Again

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I am trying to find something to base my life upon,
Something in this strange world that goes on and on
As the years go by and time fades away
What used to be good days are now filled with dismay
Tomorrow comes and then again it goes
And my ambition to become something more, grows and grows
Around the corner, yet miles away
The life I want now gets closer each day
All I’ve wanted was something to live for,
I don’t want to be this little person anymore

I’ve been basing my life upon what others think
I wish I could go back and redo everything, every time an
the eye could blink
I’ve fought to become who I am and what I want to be
I have to remind myself that one day, I will be free
When everything was a game
Now times have changed and realized nothing is fair,
And sometimes like nobody cares.

With this crazy world, I realized I needed to be strong
To start again to make a new
Life is not perfect with all these crazy roads
I am starting over again making my own road.

“No one can make you inferior without your consent.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Author: yenzzakura

I am a constant day dreamer with endless possibilities. I am a book reader living my days in the pages of the books. I am an artist seeing the beauty of the world in a different perspectives. I am a writer putting my thoughts in ink and paper. I am a storyteller imagination is my greatest asset.

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