Roses in December

“It’s been a lonely night
Watching from a distance
Everything’s falling apart
Not the way we used to dance.

Letting my teardrops fall
It’s so hard to bear
But falling down from above
Sweet roses starts to fall.

Roses in December
It will always bloom
Cause God gave it to me
To keep me company,

In my lonely hours
I will always remember.

The times that we cry
The times that we laugh
Times that we just don’t understand
It’s my memory, a part of me.

It’s been a long cold journey
Can’t seem to go on
But I keep on moving
Because everywhere I see
Roses that will always bloom.”

Rose 1 copy

We have memories of the past, the good or the bad. Though somethings we may  want to forget but some events was like
a show we want to go back over and over again. When we’re facing troubles in life or when we are in emotional turmoil; what do we remember first thing? Isn’t it the good memories we shared with our loved ones. These good memories that remind us that things
are not always this hard, what we remembered before in our memories is real and it can happen again.

December is the last month of the year after that comes new year, new hope. Just need to hold on to the good memories till the dark days pass by. It gives us motivation to keep moving forward, that some things don’t last it will be over soon just don’t give up so easily.

To be able to remember good memories is God’s gift it let us believe that there will be a brighter tomorrow. These bad events will soon pass and will just be another memory that will be our another life lesson.

If things are not going so well you can always have those beautiful memories to guide you in these dark days.