State of My Mind – In Most Days

These are my state of my mind to be potrayed by my very own cat.

IMG_20151222_194438 copy

Sometimes I like to be with my favorite kind of people and just hang out. That is when I want to socialize mode or simply I just want to be with my favorite stuff toy.

IMG_20151222_195047 copy

Other times I am like this cuddle in bed, being warm and hugging a pillow or in this case a large stuff toys. Especially if the weather are cold and rainy there’s nothing I like better than just to wrap myself in my blanket.

IMG_20151222_195256 copy

Often times my state of mind is like these, that all I need is a good movie, a cup of cofee and yea, a messy desk to complete my day.

That is my respone for this week photo challenge State of Mind


Life & Art

For this photo Life Imitates Art challenge here’s my photo with a turtle statue.

This photo was taken at Jurong Chinese Garden, Singapore.

z1 copy

According to the Chinese mythology tells that phoenix, qilin or unicorn, dragon and turtles are one of the most sacred animals.

z2 copy
Being one of the animals that has endured longest on earth, turtle is considered as a symbol of wisdom, endurance, wealth and long life.

z4 copy Speaking of wisdom here’s Confucius statue and me doing a much better pose, just kidding, though.

A question to everyone just out of my curiosity. A Chinese friend of mine saw these photo with me and the turtle statues and told me it’s a bad luck to take pictures together with a turtle. Is it true?


Back in Time

For this weekly photo challenge about Time , here’s mine about how can I go back to my past.

“Time flies but not memories.” – Ika Natassa

IMG_20160209_105021 copy

These four notebooks are my window to my past, with it, I can look back to who I was during my teenage and high school years. This is where everything started. This is where I started to write and learn to love writing.

IMG_20160209_105142 copy

This is where I write my misadventures during my teenage years, my high school life and my friends. This is where I can look back and to where my heart first beat for someone. This is where I can laugh reading my crazy antics. This is where I can talk to my past self and say, “What did you just do?!?”, “Why did you just said that?!?”. I know for sure that she won’t listen to me

IMG_20160209_105103 copy

This is also where I learn that some things don’t last forever. There will be moment in our life that we have to say goodbye. This is also where I learn to discover more of myself, what I can and can’t do, who I wanted to be and the things that I wanted to achieve.

After five years of these journals hidden away, it’s a relief that I found it and start looking back at reading who I was once upon a time. With that I wanted to write my journals again, maybe after ten years I can look it up and read again my misadventures in life.

Starting Over Again

Linking this post In Other Words 

girl2 copy

I am trying to find something to base my life upon,
Something in this strange world that goes on and on
As the years go by and time fades away
What used to be good days are now filled with dismay
Tomorrow comes and then again it goes
And my ambition to become something more, grows and grows
Around the corner, yet miles away
The life I want now gets closer each day
All I’ve wanted was something to live for,
I don’t want to be this little person anymore

I’ve been basing my life upon what others think
I wish I could go back and redo everything, every time an
the eye could blink
I’ve fought to become who I am and what I want to be
I have to remind myself that one day, I will be free
When everything was a game
Now times have changed and realized nothing is fair,
And sometimes like nobody cares.

With this crazy world, I realized I needed to be strong
To start again to make a new
Life is not perfect with all these crazy roads
I am starting over again making my own road.

“No one can make you inferior without your consent.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

A Dreamer


I always wanted to write a story, I don’t know why I just do. Maybe because my mind is full of imagination, full of stories that I just want to share. Writing my thoughts and my imaginings is my outlet of expression, I may not be the best at conversation but I can always put my ideas and words into writing.

Now, here I am writing a blog with my short stories and other writings that have different themes. I am going to write my fantasies, my day dreams and my own world of imagination. Although this may be my first time to publish my written works I am taking the chance to do it.

Some of them may be from my real life that is based on my experiences or maybe it just completely came out of nowhere that comes into my mind. It may come in different forms, comedy, horror, thriller, romance, action or drama. You and I will never know how these stories will come out.

One of my ambitions since back then is to write a novel, that is why I love to read any genre of books. It may be a bit ambitious but I wanted to be another version of Nicholas Sparks writing romance novels and maybe even got the chance to turn it into a movie. Also, I wanted to write fantasy novels or children novels, take back where anything is possible and have that little child back again that was lost in the daily grind of reality.

Imaginations are limitless and you can dream as high as the sky.

Like what Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”