Letters of Hope – Then & Now

The things that happened in the past is one of the reason that what makes up to who we are today. What happens in the past can give us hope to our present
day and current situation.

Remember we have a saying, “History repeats itself”. That is why we need to learn and understand the past events. From what happened to our past gives us this
current present but it also gives hope to others.

The letters that I found few years ago, it’s from my father to my mother. Hand written in a paper during the late 80’s and the early 90’s. my father was at Singapore during that year and I was just a little baby back then.

They were going thru tough times, financial wasn’t easy and they were just starting to get back on their feet after a fire at our old house. Yeah, it was that though
but still through my father’s word of wisdom of encouragement and my mother’s strength they manage to go thru it together.

They had their own hardship and trials that is unknown to me. When I read those letters I finally understands and realize what makes them who they are now. Strong, Resilient,  Adaptable and most of all Hopeful. No matter how many times they got disappointment and rejections in facing their problems, that is one that they didn’t lost to Hope and to Believe for the better tomorrow.

I gotta thank them because the fires that they go through together make who I am today. Now, I have my own seas and fires to cross but the letters and lessons
from the past give me hope for tomorrow. Maybe someday this will also be a happy story for others.


What Love Is… Love Hope’s

It was in the early years when the technologies were just being discovered and being invented.  The communication wasn’t that easy unlike today with the advancement of internet and all. Our way of communication back then was thru writting, and there was something magical about it. Letters and writing will always be priceless, timeless and you can see the writer’s emotion as he writes.

We were cleaning our old house back then 6 years ago since my grandmother died that place was not in use except for storing some stuff. It was really creepy when we first opened that house, full of dust and the place looks really old. As days goes on and we continue to clean the house throwing some old things that were broken or we’re not going to use. It’s a pity that we had to throw some of those old things because it was like we travel back in time, I saw old radio and old mp3 player. Old comic books and magazines, seeing the kind of fashion they had looks interesting. Last but not the least the one thing that I did not throw away are letters, letters from my father
to my mother, grandmother and older sister.

I didn’t let my mother know that I am keeping the letters or there were any letters at all. You know the movie and novel by Nicholas Sparks “The Longest Ride”, where the old man has all these letters for his dearly beloved, every time they read it was like going back in time. That’s exactly how I felt when I read my father’s letters, it was beautiful the way he wrote those letters made me feel like I am going back in time. The way he wrote like he was talking to them, and I can hear his voice. It’s kinda cheesy and cliche but that’s the beauty of letters it’s both romantic and cheesy. Just think of the time spent to write for your love ones, it was like typing in email but what makes it special was the anticipation of waiting for that letter. It takes weeks
sometimes a month before that letter reaches the destination and when your loved ones receive it, just think of the excitement of reading it. I know there’s always something special when it comes to letters, it made me think of old romantic movies.

My dad was working overseas back then, he’s one of the groups who build the military based in Saudi Arabia around the 80’s. He also traveled to Singapore for 2 years during the early 90’s. That time there was no cell phone, no email, and no skype to communicate quickly with a press of a  finger. The only way to communicate was thru letters. I learned more about them in reading those letters than asking them personally. Sometimes what the mouth can’t speak the hand will write,
since the only way they can speak to each other that time is thru writing letters it was made to feel that they are talking to each other.

LDR or Long Distance Relationship these days should be easy, talking to you partner is just in the press of you fingers. There are happy couples even though they are apart but often times I see is the complaint that their loved one is far away, there’s also the doubt of his or her faithfulness. Just like in the old days waiting weeks and months for the letter, we should have the patience and hope of receiving a message or a call from our partner.

Hope they say, is dangerous but hopes is the only thing worth holding on especially if it’s concerns your loved one. Love is patience, Love is Kind, Love believes and Love never loses hope.

From Me to You

letter1 copy

Others might think that it’s just one of those days, wanting to be alone and feeling a little
bit blue. It might be to them that you are just sad, or you came to the point of asking
yourself what it the meaning of life? It maybe just that you really are not in the mood so they left you alone to think and to heal. The truth is you don’t want to be alone, you want to be with them so you pretend that you are fine and back to yourself. The truth is you are not, you are just hiding the real pain inside you.

deppresion copy

HI. Dy

I don’t know how to address this letter to you and I also don’t know how to say things
I am going to write here. You need to hear this and I need to tell you these things. Just please read this letter and you will understand what I mean.

You might think that by his moment we hate you or mad at you, no, we don’t hate you.
Just because we stop talking to you and our conversation is different from before means  that we hate you. Just because that we get silent in the middle of a conversation when you suddenly came in. like we are having a secret behind you means that we are mad at you. Just because we avoid you most of the time means that we don’t love you anymore. It just means that something is wrong and we don’t know how to tell it to you.

This is harder than I thought.Sometimes when we are sad or afraid our minds have a defense mechanism it creates another reality for us to cope up with the depressing events that is happening around us. If these events in our life are not confronted properly we start to overthink about those things and we started to get lost of what really is happening.

I know we’ve been through a series of disappointment and trials. These past few years I know it’s a struggle but despite all of that happened we are fine. You might not see it but every day there are a lot to be thankful for, there’s so much to be happy about and not to dwell on those sad situations. You told me once, “Every cloud has a silver lining.”
You’re right because even though it may be far away but still I can see that silver lining.
I also want you to see it and get out of the cloud away from the reality.

I want you to have that courage to believe again that things will be great. I want you to
have patience because success cannot be rushed. I want you to trust us on our plans and  I really assure that it will be our big break. Please just stop worrying too much, I know your scared even though you don’t want to admit it. I know your sad even though you don’t want us to see it. So, you’re hiding it all your real emotions and even hiding to other people as well. That makes us sad because we don’t know what to tell you to make it better  because you don’t see that something is wrong within you.

You’ve been there always for us, guiding us and giving us words of encouragement we got discouraged. Now it’s our chance to return the favor, we want to guide you out of the cloud of fear and discouragement. We want to encourage you and remove your fears and  anxiety. We just want to let you know that we are here you don’t need to hide away from us.

I know it wasn’t easy going through this, you often think that no one understands you but
we do. We really do understand you but it’s hard to talk to you these days with the
unnecessary burst of anger or the silent of your fear. That is why I am writing this to
you that the words we can’t say to you will be heard when you read this letter.

One last thing, just to let you know all of us your family and friends really love you and
will be here when you need someone.
Lovingly yours, Z
To someone dear to me who is at lost right now.

deppresion1 copy

Depression is not the same as sadness or those blue moods. It’s a mental illness and it can affect the person’s physical body when the person is not helped immediately. They are broken inside, lost interest in things, cannot pull himself together to get better. They need treatment to help them get better but the most important thing is to let them know that they are not alone.  From me to you I will be here by your side.