What Love Is… Love Hope’s

It was in the early years when the technologies were just being discovered and being invented.  The communication wasn’t that easy unlike today with the advancement of internet and all. Our way of communication back then was thru writting, and there was something magical about it. Letters and writing will always be priceless, timeless and you can see the writer’s emotion as he writes.

We were cleaning our old house back then 6 years ago since my grandmother died that place was not in use except for storing some stuff. It was really creepy when we first opened that house, full of dust and the place looks really old. As days goes on and we continue to clean the house throwing some old things that were broken or we’re not going to use. It’s a pity that we had to throw some of those old things because it was like we travel back in time, I saw old radio and old mp3 player. Old comic books and magazines, seeing the kind of fashion they had looks interesting. Last but not the least the one thing that I did not throw away are letters, letters from my father
to my mother, grandmother and older sister.

I didn’t let my mother know that I am keeping the letters or there were any letters at all. You know the movie and novel by Nicholas Sparks “The Longest Ride”, where the old man has all these letters for his dearly beloved, every time they read it was like going back in time. That’s exactly how I felt when I read my father’s letters, it was beautiful the way he wrote those letters made me feel like I am going back in time. The way he wrote like he was talking to them, and I can hear his voice. It’s kinda cheesy and cliche but that’s the beauty of letters it’s both romantic and cheesy. Just think of the time spent to write for your love ones, it was like typing in email but what makes it special was the anticipation of waiting for that letter. It takes weeks
sometimes a month before that letter reaches the destination and when your loved ones receive it, just think of the excitement of reading it. I know there’s always something special when it comes to letters, it made me think of old romantic movies.

My dad was working overseas back then, he’s one of the groups who build the military based in Saudi Arabia around the 80’s. He also traveled to Singapore for 2 years during the early 90’s. That time there was no cell phone, no email, and no skype to communicate quickly with a press of a  finger. The only way to communicate was thru letters. I learned more about them in reading those letters than asking them personally. Sometimes what the mouth can’t speak the hand will write,
since the only way they can speak to each other that time is thru writing letters it was made to feel that they are talking to each other.

LDR or Long Distance Relationship these days should be easy, talking to you partner is just in the press of you fingers. There are happy couples even though they are apart but often times I see is the complaint that their loved one is far away, there’s also the doubt of his or her faithfulness. Just like in the old days waiting weeks and months for the letter, we should have the patience and hope of receiving a message or a call from our partner.

Hope they say, is dangerous but hopes is the only thing worth holding on especially if it’s concerns your loved one. Love is patience, Love is Kind, Love believes and Love never loses hope.


“Till Death Do Us Part”

They met during WW2, he was a soldier while she was a village girl. In one of his
mission they met accidentally, in an unlikely place, in an expected situation where
their love story began.

They got married and had children of their own. They had their differences but still
that doesn’t them from loving each other wholeheartedly. Even though he’s a soldier
but he had a gentle heart and calm spirit. She’s a strong lady with a
strong will and an outspoken mind who still believes in superstitions. Both of them
holds a spirit of understanding and a fighting spirit. They can take on any
challenges as the two of them stays together.

He shares stories to his children about his experience as a soldier. She also teach
them how to work and to do their best. They both teach their children to dream and to
conquer challenges, to be strong and to have good manners. Some days may be good,
other days may be bad but still they stick together through thick and thin.

They love their grandchildren, ready to spoil them with gifts, foods and love. Taking
caring of them when their parents are busy, telling them stories which add more
every day. It maybe simple but it’s their whole life, their whole love willing given
to each and everyone dear to them.

They stay together “till death do us part” when she died due to a heart attack he slowly starts to change. He missed her so much, his companion, friend, and partner. She understands
him and encourages him, even if it’s in a funny sort of way. Now that she’s gone he felt alone, even if there’s his family, his children, and grandchildren. Still, no one can take care her place. Her last word to her children was, “Please take care of your father.” Even in her dying bed, she still thinks about his tomorrow without her. She wants him to be taken care of, maybe not like she does but still she wants him to happy and well.

A year after her death that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he constantly forgot about things. Where he was, who are they and often think about his past, their past. His mind would go back to his younger, teenage, adult self-remembering what he had before but never stayed in the present. Sometimes he would act like a 5-year-old child, other times a mischievous teenager and sometimes a traveling adult. Always changing from day to day.
Always about the past but not here in the present.

He was taken care of by his family, he wasn’t put in a nursing home as their promise to their mother. Even though he became very forgetful some things he didn’t forget, his manners, he always says thank you when food had been given to him or an act of kindness of had done to me there’s always that  word Thank you. In his remaining days, he was well loved and take care of. After 5 years he passed away and finally be able to be with her again. Tears were shed but most of it were filled with smiles and talks about their love for each other. After their long

In his remaining days, he was well loved and take care of. After 5 years he passed away and finally be able to be with her again. Tears were shed but most of it were filled with smiles and talks about their love for each other. After their long
journey together they finally have their happily ever after.

That’s my grandparents love story, it makes me smile every time I hear it. It’s real and
it’s true and It shows how love should be.

New Year’s List

Here it comes again one of the most awaited event, NEW YEAR!
Goodbye to the old and hello to the new. it brings positive joys, the plans for the year or maybe that never-ending New Year’s resolution. Even the media is at frenzy when it comes to New Year, they are all planning something to welcome it. Of course, one of the most looking forward topics is the Big Hit News for this year 2015.
Yeah, they will always have that list of news that catch wide attention whether positive or negative.

It made me think of having my own Big Hits for 2015, the highlights of that happen in my life. It is not for me to boast but to show that before  welcoming the New Year we should always
look back to what happen this year and always be thankful for the blessings that came our way.

Here’re my Top 10 Big Hits!

1. Overnight with my Friends – We had food trip, movie marathon, and with the ladies DIY home spa, karaoke and late night talks. It’s our bonding moment

2. Movie Marathon – By myself watched those movie series that I always love – Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribean and Harry Potter also the TV series Game of thrones

3. Cooking Experiment – Yeah I am not really much into cooking but ever since I watched the movie “Chef” and “One hundred foot journey” I started to busy around the kitchen for months.

4. Zumba! – I am not very much into health and fitness, but I enjoy doing Zumba, even if it’s only once.

5. Reunion with my old friends – Yeah you will always have that old friends who can’t wait to be with you.No matter how long you have not seen each other you still consider them your friends.

6. Summer Camp – Youth summer camp one of the highlights of my year. I meet some new friends and hang out with the old ones.

7. Storm before the travell day – It was a memorable event for me, I think I can relate it about my own life.

8. Ships and Seas – It’s been a long time since the last time I travel by ship and I love the experience. Add up to my bucket list vacation on a cruise

9. Dogs and Cats – I am an animal lover, got reunited with my dogs and cats after long years of separation. Yes, I finally got a chance to go back home and with my furry friends.

10. Teaching – It is a vocation, not a profession. That’s what I mostly doing right now teaching some ladies here  in our place. It was fulfilling, knowing I am giving them something worth listening for.
Well, that’s my big hits that happened in my life this 2015. Even though there also not so good times, all I can say is “This had been a good year for me!”

What’s your big hit list for this year 2015?

Love Battle

Once upon a time,  a girl was so broken, she gave up believing in love and destiny. Then in another once upon a time that
the girl will found her destiny and believe in love all over again.

This is my story, my name is Ma. Fe but my friends calls me Phem. I am a local teacher in one of our small town public schools.How did I fall in love well it was like magic, so unexpected.

You see, I am this kind of girl who is tough and a fighter, well based from experience ever since I was 9. With two rough brother as my
siblings I needed to get tough around them well except for my little brother. I get along with boys but only as friend no

I get along with boys but only as a friend no more than that, yet there was a time that I made an exception.Making that exception was how it all started.

I was living at the city that time, working at an internet cafe it fits because I used to study Information Technology that was until I get upset with my professor’s unfair grading. I got disappointed and
stop taking up that course, so now I am working at an internet cafe for a while until I decided to study education back at our local college in my hometown.

At that certain internet cafe, I met him that guy. His name is Dan-Dan for short, he had that bad boy with a smooth move kinda guy.He is taking  up criminology want to be one of the police he knows
karate, martial arts the kind of stuff I am interested in. Also, one of my dream jobs is to be a detective. We became friends and soon we became close friends,  that’s where the trouble starts.

Whenever he is not busy, he always comes by at the cafe and play online games. Most of the days he will stay for hours just playing. When the cafe was not busy we talk and sometimes he offers me to take me home but I always refuse. No matter how many times he ask and beg I always say NO. Maybe because I don’t want to expect too much to from him, especially with the likes of him. And yes, I like to admit now that I like him more than a friend, maybe a crush or  something. But we only stayed as friends even now, “maybe”.

When I moved back to our hometown and study college again with a different course. Still, I can’t forget about him and most of the
times I am stalking his facebook account to get an update about him. since I’ve lost communication with him ever since I move back here. Yeah, I still like him but I am trying so hard to control this feeling.I don’t want to admit it, but I did had some expectation about him. So I ended up being bitter about  it, in which case affects my view about love.

In the next few years, I met some guys. Get into non-too-serious relationships, I am just  being choosy especially if my parents are one too. They got this big idea to marry me off to some rich guy being recommended by one of my aunt’s. I get to know the guys but only as FRIEND.

Cause when it comes to love, I really fall in love once and hard. It was proven when he comes along.

During my last year in college, something magical happens that’s where I met him. It all started with a text, more text until we consider ourselves as friends. Even though we are far from each other, he is at the southern part of the country while I am stuck in the middle of two cities in a slowly growing town. Yet even with all the distance I feel so comfortable with him, and eventually, we became so close that we call each other sweet nicknames, he is my Dy short for Daddy and I am his My short for Mommy.

That’s where it started, later on, we formally in a relationship without my parents  knowledge. I guess I am not yet ready to tell
them especially now that I am on my last year of college soon to graduate after my internship in one of the public schools in my hometown.

Although Jun want to meet up with my parents with something to be proud of about himself. that they will be proud to have him for their daughter.

You see, he didn’t finish his schooling when his mother died when he was 10 he stop going to school and work instead.Since then he never got the chance to finish his schooling. That rob him of self-confidence. That’s one thing to improve and also he needs to stop smoking. From day one that we meet personally and saw him
smoking I instantly stop him.

For two years after I graduated, got my  professional license as a teacher, and finally got my first assignment in one of our local
schools. In that period of two years, we get stronger and we keep loyal to each other. That’s what love is; it’s not about the numbers it’s about each heartbeat for the person we love.

Then came the day when my family finally meet him in personal. He tried his best to impress my family  but when he arrives at our farm things get a little bit out of hand.In short my parents didn’t like him and harshly ask him to go. It didn’t end there, I wish it was but then they asked me to break with him and threaten to disown me if I didn’t. It’s my worst heartbreak ever. Choosing between my family and my destiny.

So I did what they want I break up with him but I keep a SECRET from them. Yes, it’s hard hiding all these  things from my family. Most of the time we just want to  go somewhere away from all of these. Then again we can’t we have other responsibilities. We keep holding on till it’s the right time for us to be together again.
We keep holding on to each other’s promises, even if  things doesn’t work out the way we want it too, still  what’s most important is that how far we will go holding each other’s heart.

Maybe that’s what love is to continue to fight for it even if your world is against it. For now, we keep on fighting until we win this battle.

Little Battles

Everybody has a story to tell and each individual’s stories are different from the other. That makes life interesting because everybody can share their different experiences apart from what already had been said. Each person stories can motivate or given inspiration to others because every story has struggles that overcome and battles that wins.

So here is one of those stories, that somethings can be overcome. Each of us has our little battles to win.

It was in one of our English classes during my  first year at our local college. We were discussing something about our life experiences and  obviously we need to talk in front and share our story. On that class, one of my close friend and classmates share her story and it’s a very touching one too. She stood in front of the class a little bit shy and a little bit wanting to tell her story.

So, here’s her story.

The hospital is one of the most avoided places of everyone, negative words came to our minds whenever we think about that place Hospital. It means sickness, pain and death well that’s pretty deep but on the other side there’s also wellness and recovery. On my part, it’s both sad and hopeful. I was nine back then it all started with a typhoid fever.I was checked in at the hospital at the children’s ward and my condition is not  getting any good.

I am the eldest among my two siblings who is both boys but back then I am the only child. We  lived in the city back then and things were going fine to a nine-year-old girl’s mind. We were living comfortably, even if our budget is tight that is until I got sick.

It started with a fever like any normal fever but still I am not feeling well. Then things started to go worse, rather than the normal headaches and pain I’ve got additional diarrhea, my thermometer picks up to 104 degrees take note Fahrenheit and I are being lethargic.Then it started to  get worse that was when my parents decided to check me in the hospital.

Name: Ma. Fe Sajonia
Diagnosis: Typhoid Fever with intestinal perforation

Treatment: By antibiotics to remove the bacteria from the blood stream.

To most cases that treatment works and after a few weeks  they are on the way of recovery but sadly for me it didn’t. After a few week of antibiotics, my body’s reaction was different, it got complicated. The most common for kids was an intestinal perforation or in simple terms, I had a hole in my intestines. It also affects my body organ like my heart and liver.

From there everything became a blur like I am not in my own body anymore. I hear doctor’s voices and nurses injecting me with medicine taking my stats, but all I want to do is to  sleep for me to forget the pain.

I woke up and I was in the hospital again, I’ve got fluids attach  to me. To a nine-year-old child it all felt scary and like any normal person, no one likes to be in the hospital. That is where things started to go bad for us especially to my parents. I knew that I will be staying in the hospital much longer but still I often ask the question “When will I go home?”.
I am in a children’s ward so that helps seeing kids with my age who is also sick like me, it helps to ease the fear. Like I am not the only who is stuck in the hospital although some of them were going home ahead of me, still I keep it in the positive note that I would go home too. Even if I can still feel the pain, even if I am attached to a machine, even if doctors and nurses checking in on me more frequently.

As I am battling for my complications my parents have another the battle to conquer fundraising for me and my medical bills. Aside from taking care of me in the hospital, they were also looking for ways to support my medical needs. We were having a tight budget back before I wasn’t in the hospital, now it gotten much worse but my parents try to hide it. They just want me to be healthy again away from the confinement of the hospital. They asked various organization and the government to ask for money to help my medical bills.

Determination and love were what my parents have that they able to do those things for me. Asking for me is not easy because often time my mother found herself crying in the hospital. I feel sad and a little bit guilty.

As I continue to fight even if my condition is not that promising, I still did for my parents whose is working hard for their only little girl. It was hard yet I must get well. It was one of those moments, unexpectedly I was slipping down I may not notice it, but the doctors did. Yet, when I open my eyes I felt like I was only sleeping and my attending nurses are so happy to see me awake. She told me that while I was sleeping one of the patients also a little girl passed away even though her condition is much better than mine.
After surviving those moments things started to go well, it was like a test of  survival and I think I passed it.

After weeks of staying in the hospital after my hard moment, I can finally go home. First the doctor checked in on us concerning my health status. Despite winning my battle, there was still drawbacks mainly to my heart. It shrinks to it’s normal size which is not so good news, that leads to the list of things I needed to avoid. Also due to the medicine and my complication physical changes can be seen. my hair It used to be straight but now for some weird reason it turned out to be curly or kinky. I shouldn’t be the one to complain other got worse.

My parents fundraising went well and the government paid my medical bill which was a very good news. It’s time for us to start again and I win my battle. I am just happy that I got an amazing parent who did anything for me.

After telling her story she was crying, well it can be understood the pain she went through is something hard but, what’s more, is being to live.

It wasn’t one of those stories we hear, there wasn’t much drama in it like we see in shows. Sometimes that’s just how  life worked out, winning the battle that life have given us.